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Azure VM: Auto Provisioning Web App with Logic Apps Approval workflow

React Web App with Azure Container Apps, Azure SQL and Logic Apps approval flow. Welcome to a new exciting post from CloudBlogger! Intro Today we are building an automatic Azure VM provisioning Web APP with approval workflow ! It is quite a responsibility to be an Administrator, especially on Azure. So when a VM provisioning

Azure Container Apps: APIs, Redis Cache and Microservices with OpenAI Chat Completions

Build your API Endpoints and serve your Web Apps with the power of Container Apps! Happy New Year everybody ! Welcome to our last post for 2023 ! Today we are looking into Azure Container Apps, Open AI API and we will see how easy we can build our Containers, and our own API, without

Microsoft Fabric & Content Safety: Analytics on Metadata

Content Moderation with Azure Content Safety and Blob Metadata for Analysis and Insights with Microsoft Fabric Hello and welcome to a brand new post from CloudBlogger ! We as IT Professionals are facing a lot of challenges in everyday life, and problem solving is quite often a required skill spanning across various situations and Technologies.

Semantic Kernel: Container Apps with React and Python

Build your custom AI Solution integrating Semantic Kernel into your Azure Container Apps Welcome to another post from CloudBlogger! Today we are exploring Semantic Kernel and how we can implement Azure Open AI with total control on the prompts and the requests towards our Chat deployments! Our Project is a Learning Application assisting users into

Azure Vision AI – Object Detection Web App with Docker and Container Registry

Build a Python Container Image and Deploy via Azure Container Registry to Azure Web Apps for Object Detection. Terraform Docker, and Scripts! Welcome to another post by CloudBlogger! Before we continue to our post i want to pay my respect and give a loud shout-out to FeedSpot ! Feedspot is a social feed reader compiling

Synapse Data Warehouse with Web App & SQL

Create a secure Data Warehouse for Data Analysis with Synapse Analytics, Azure SQL and Web APP Service Welcome to another Cloudblogger post! Data is the core of our business, data provides insights, and we can create quite interesting visualizations providing added value to our existing Applications and Infrastructure. Azure Ecosystem has a wide range for