Azure Text to Speech with Container Apps

Multi Agent Web App with Container Apps & Azure Speech SDK Intro Get ready for an exciting journey through our latest blog post where we delve into the fascinating world of Azure AI Speech Service, Python SDK, and Azure Container Apps. We’re thrilled to share our adventure in crafting a cutting-edge multi-agent web application. Imagine

Azure AI Language: Sentiment Analysis with Durable Functions

Implementing Sentiment Analysis with Azure AI Language and Durable Functions Intro Welcome to CloudBlogger! In today’s exploration, we delve into the world of Durable Functions, an innovative orchestration mechanism that elevates our coding experience. Durable Functions stand out by offering granular control over the execution steps, seamlessly integrating within the Azure Functions framework. This unique

Azure Container Apps: APIs, Redis Cache and Microservices with OpenAI Chat Completions

Build your API Endpoints and serve your Web Apps with the power of Container Apps! Happy New Year everybody ! Welcome to our last post for 2023 ! Today we are looking into Azure Container Apps, Open AI API and we will see how easy we can build our Containers, and our own API, without

Semantic Kernel: Container Apps with React and Python

Build your custom AI Solution integrating Semantic Kernel into your Azure Container Apps Welcome to another post from CloudBlogger! Today we are exploring Semantic Kernel and how we can implement Azure Open AI with total control on the prompts and the requests towards our Chat deployments! Our Project is a Learning Application assisting users into

Synapse Data Warehouse with Web App & SQL

Create a secure Data Warehouse for Data Analysis with Synapse Analytics, Azure SQL and Web APP Service Welcome to another Cloudblogger post! Data is the core of our business, data provides insights, and we can create quite interesting visualizations providing added value to our existing Applications and Infrastructure. Azure Ecosystem has a wide range for